Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 20 Sonogram

Yesterday we visited Dr. Rolle in Cottonwood for our latest sonogram. He said everything looks "great, perfect, fine!" I only realized when he said it that other outcomes were possible. Here's the best profile view we got:
"Big Nose"
...in which the kid's nose looks big.

We said "what a big nose."

Dr. Rolle said "But look at the lips, the chin, we wanna see that -- no sign of a cleft palate," pointing with the tip of his pen as he spoke, "and everything looks really great."

Bridget looked at me appraisingly. "Is that from your side of the family?"

"It's not my nose..." I protested.

"No, you have a great nose."

Dr. Rolle pointed to another printout saying "Look! Here you can see the eyes, there's a perfect lens!"
"It's the Terminator!" I cried, spying the targeting device in the flayed cyborg's eye socket. I ducked and rolled behind the receptionist's desk. The receptionist squawked and threw a bunch of papers in the air as I pulled her out of range of the robot assassin's deadly lasers.

"You sure you don't want to know the sex?" Dr Rolle asked.

"No thanks," we replied. "It's enough to know we're having a robotic Jimmy Durante."

* * *
Seriously though. They couldn't tell the sex because the position of the fetus didn't offer a good view of the relevant area. We're going back in 4 weeks so the doctor can "feel [Bridget's] belly," but there won't be a sonogram until week 36.

Dr Rolle loves to give cryptic advice. Two examples from yesterday's session:

BRIDGET: So can I ask about food and weight?
DR ROLLE: (Reassuringly) Eat whatever you want.
BRIDGET: (Reassured) Oh, good.
DR ROLLE: Just watch the carbs, and the sugars.

JEREMY: And what about baths?
DR ROLLE: (Reassuringly) Enjoy! Seriously.
BRIDGET: (Reassured) Oh, wow, great! I keep worrying that I'm gonna cook the baby.
DR ROLLE: Just don't take 105° baths, you know. Keep it around 100°
BRIDGET: (stunned into silence)
DR ROLLE: And don't soak for a long time.

* * *
And now a belly picture:

Friday, February 10, 2012


So, I've had a lot of gas lately, but in the last couple of days it's been feeling weirder than usual, like watery bubbles that don't actually go anywhere- they just sort of blurp around very low in my abdomen. I asked my sister about it today and she confirmed my suspicions that it's probably a baby swimming around in there, which is nice because up until now I've mostly just been feeling like a slightly fatter, tireder version of myself. It's good to feel like there's actually a person brewing in there, and reminds me we should get a baby book! I guess this blog will do for the time being.