Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Tesla Pix for your Tesla Fix

Just some pix we snapped during "tummy time" this week.

Did anyone spot the Channing Tatum cameo?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Babies are Cute

Here's a song I just wrote for Tesla while changing her:

You love to be up on the changing table
You really love to hang out right up here
We didn't name you Agatha or Mabel
Cuz Tesla is the best name of the year

And here are some pictures:

Powerful Tesla
The Intergalactic Gangster (thanks Clay!)
Sally Cumberland
Okay let me say something about Sally. Sally is the most amazing friend, houseguest, person in the world. She is wearing Tesla about 80% of her (Sally's) waking hours. She's been here since mid-August and we are dreading our transition to normal unassisted parenting. We love you Sally!

The picture above is from yesterday. Tesla goes in for some shots on Monday. We finally have her official birth certificate from Maine, complete with the correct spelling of her first name! Next we have to fix the Social Security misspelling.

Love to all!