Saturday, February 20, 2010

How's This for Awesome?

A reader was complaining that the blog had turned from an adventureblog to a visitingfamilyblog.
Well, sometimes the two go together. Check this shit out:

Yes that is a cheetah. Yes we are touching it. We are touching a cheetah. Unfortunately I can't tell you where this happened, because it was definitely not on the regular menu at this attraction.

The visas were awarded without much ceremony. Yes, it took three trips, several hours of waiting, and almost $100 apiece, not counting travel to Nairobi. But really: fine.

Here is what we have in store for our trip to India:
  • Feb 26: Depart Nairobi, 5 hour flight to Dubai, 4 hour layover, 3 hour flight to Kochi (aka Cochin)
  • Feb 27 - Mar 1: Three days stay at the Hotel Excellency in Kochi, travel around some "backwaters" and get ourselves an Indian SIM card. We will be 10.5 hours ahead of you, so expect phone calls in the late evening from the following month or three.
  • Mar 2 - 3: Overnight train (11 hours) up to Goa. Romantic! Air-conditioned!
  • Mar 3 - 10: Stay Palolem Beach, South Goa at the Laughing Buddha Cottages with our friends Ben Dahlberg and Katie Lazarowicz! This will be awesome. We we regain the tan we lost. We will get spiritual. We will do yoga with Ben, who is training to be a jedi master. I mean yoga master.
  • Mar 11: Travel by train with Ben and Katie to Mysore (with a stop in Bangalore), where Ben has been living and studying to be a jedi master.
  • Mar 12 - 15: Hang out in Mysore.
  • Mar 16: Travel to Kodiakanal so that we can....
  • Mar 17 - 23: Go to the Bodhi Zendo for a week of awesome zazen!
  • Mar 24 - 26: Travel up the East Coast to Chennai. Hopefully something dreadfully scenic should appear. Ruins, or temples, or something.
  • Mar 27: Fly from Chennai to Kathmandu.
So that should be fun. I hope to write a Kenya wrap-up post soon, but I may not get to it until i'm on the beach.


  1. Cats, man. Whenever they interact with humans, they always come out with the win. In this case: a 12 hand massage.

    The looks on your faces are absolutely priceless. You each seem to be saying, "is this even possible?!" straight to the lens.


  2. How did I spend my weekend? Studying for the SATs.
    What did my brother do? He cuddled up to a cheetah.
    I feel so unimpressive.