Monday, March 8, 2010

Malarial Risks

Here's what the malaria risk looked like in Kenya:

In case you can't read the key, pink indicates minimal risk, with anti-malarials not usually advised, red indicates holy shit you'd better take them drugs! So since we were always in the red zone, we took our Lariam religiously.

Now we are in India, where we will mostly be in the light pink zones (except for this week in Goa, a darker pink but not red zone):

...And then we go to Nepal, where we are firmly in the green zone:

So we are pretty sure that we're going to take a break from the Lariam until we head out of Nepal for Cambodia and Laos:
...which are like the twin nations of malarial death. 



  1. ah lariam, what fun. When i was in india, which, unbelievably was 15 years ago (holy shit!) you could get local versions of antimalarials that cost next to nothing. much to the chagrin of those of us who had stocked up on the uber-expensive lariam. Maybe this is still true? Has it made your dreams crazy?

  2. Hi! I love your plan. I think you should take them when in the red zone. I like to try and follow suggestions when it comes to health stuff, because sometimes I've pondered over such puzzles as, "Is is ok to run on a sprained ankle?" I know nothing. xoxoxo