Monday, January 9, 2012

An Official Announcement

Okay, we're tired of carrying around a secret that we were not too good at keeping anyway, so here's the scoop.

We started trying to get pregnant just after coming back to school. Bridget missed a period and started feeling a bit ooky in early November. Halfway through our two-week school field trip (to work on an organic garlic farm and a free-range cattle ranch), Bridget peed on a stick and it came up positive. In a Tucson Radisson, we quietly, reservedly rejoiced, so as not to alarm the children.

Upon our return to campus, Bridget began to feel like hot buttered horseshit. She could barely make it through a room without lying down for a quick (or mid-length) nap. She felt nauseous almost constantly. We went to see Dr. Charles Rolle, OB/GYN, in Cottonwood, AZ on Dec 14, and he took this picture:
10 weeks, 3 days

Now that's just crazy. The little thing was swimming around noticeably (waving its "limb buds") on the ultrasound screen, but they could only print us a still shot. I thought it looked like an angry duck in an old Nintendo game. See:
Angry duck
But so he told us the due date was, and would always remain, July 8.



  1. Yeah, it's amazing when they're in there all thinking that's the whole world, content as anything. It seems a shame to move them along somehow, but it's nice to see them with skin on their faces after all the creepily endearing ultrasounds.

  2. Can I just say that this term "hot buttered horseshit" (and the fact that someone else went through it and now has a beautiful baby to show for it) is carrying me through right now. God bless all of you. Carry on...