Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo Update

I've been lax about photo updates, so here are a bunch of pictures from the last week or two! Karen, J.T., and Lulu Yost came to visit during our first week, and we tried to find some beachy fun.
Lulu, Karen, and J.T. at Thomas Point Beach
Here's what Bridget looks like with clothes on...
...and without clothes, mostly.
Totally pornographic horseshoe crabs
J.T. spent most of his time in this tree in the yard....
... Harvesting these. Vegans are weird.
Then Ben and Sue Heersink came to visit for the weekend. But -- since every picture Sue takes shows everyone smiling and facing the camera, perfectly centered in the frame -- I only took pictures like these:
Sue, Bridget, and I think that's probably Ben.
That's not even Ben! That's just some guy outside the lobster pound at Basin Cove.
 Then I took a bunch of photos to use as reference for my Intro Painting class:
1-point perspective lesson
2-point perspective lesson
Hue, saturation, and value lesson.
Bridget needs to eat a lot of food (generally) and protein (specifically). We're trying our best to eat local foods when possible. Check it:
Homemade bread, local pork sausage, scrambled local duck eggs.
Yes, duck eggs.

Finally, here are some adorable pictures of Bridget and Sonmi-451 trying to do some work on the computer:
From the moment they wake up....

...until it's time for bed.


  1. That is a nice looking dog! What sort of dog is it?

  2. Nice looking dog! That's what you've got to say after this epic post?!? What about my HSV garbage cans, Camille?

    Heh. The dog's mom was pregnant when rescued, so the identity of the father is unknown. The mom was a regular "apple head" Chihuahua, and the rest of the litter was too. Only our special puppanz looked like this, leading to two conclusions:
    1. She is a "Deer" Chihuahua, some kind of recessive chi genotype or something;
    2. She came from a different dad than the rest of the litter (!). Apparently this can happen to dogs, if they are slutty. Many have looked at her and wondered if her dad was an Italian Greyhound, a Whippet, or a Miniature Pinscher (Miniature, I suppose, because the image of a regular Pinscher mating with a Chihuahua seems horrific.

  3. NO backfat photo! Yes to that. Thanks for being amazing hosts. Lulu wishes we were still there. So do her parents. THE YOSTS LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are a Living Nut(z). Thanks for hosting Yosts.

    Also, regarding protein, here's 21 vegetarian high-protein foods. I know you're not vegetarian, but here it is anyway:

  5. ...and stop posting photos of my backfat (thanks, Karen).

  6. i heard a story on news radio the other day about a study that showed that kids who stayed in the womb longer than others had higher test scores. here's a link to it:

    just when you thought this kid couldn't get any smarter...

    thanks SO much for the bridget pics!!! the bathingsuit is especially fab.