Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leaving Maine: Photo Dump

This coming Saturday we will leave our rental on 13 Hildreth Rd in Harpswell, ME, for a weeklong Heersink Family reunion (albeit a limited edition version featuring only the Ben & Sue Heersink branch) in Newburyport. So it's time for a photo dump!

Since I last posted, we received a new camera from my aunt Andrea: the totally awesome Sony RX100. Thanks Andrea! Here's the last picture taken with the Nikon Coolpix:

Clockwise from left: Fiona, Jeremy, Deirdre, Bridget, Sue, Tesla
Not terrible, by any means, though in order to take the picture without the flash, the shutter slowed to the point that I look like a blur. There's a foggy haze over Fiona's face, and the rafters seem warped and curved by the distortion of the lens.

From now on, not all the pictures will be museum quality, but here's one of the first I took with the new camera:
I just love this picture!
Here's one of our last strolls with the Rosemary's Baby carriage:

Here's the pic we'll probably use for the birth announcement (and I will probably try to make a painting from it too):

O hai!

In other news, I got a molar extracted yesterday after a valiant week-long struggle with intense maxillofacial pain:
Whatever! Moving on....
At long last, here are two adorable pictures of Tesla wearing the adorable bunny hat knitted by her aunt Amanda:

Here are some Tesla toes:

We had a visit today from some dear friends:

Eliza, Nathan, Rachel

And finally, here are two adorable pictures of our nuclear family:


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  1. fantastic! everyone looks so fab and color-coordinated [you know i'm such a fan of blue]. thanks so much for the bunny hat pics! i have questions and too much to say, so i think a phone call is in order. you should prob call me, though, since you'll have less time to talk (sorry i missed your call today when i was at work :/ ). i've got all of the 3-day weekend, though--give me a shot if you can.

    much love.