Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back home (at the rented house)

We were discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon, and returned to the house in Harpswell, where Bridget's mom Sue, My mother Pam, and my stepfather Mike are around to make sure we remember to eat, bathe, and change our clothes. Of course, they will also share their child-rearing experience, and — when we ask for it —their advice. But ONLY when we ask for it — right, everybody?

Okay, so before we left the hospital, we took some more pictures:

Bridget and Tesla
An unplanned wardrobe color convergence (thanks for the shirt, Sue!)
 Then, we took pictures at the house:
Baby's first home-bath
After you become a father, food no longer seems impressive
Megan and David brought Sophia, Antonia, and Christianna to gaze upon their youngest cousin
Sleeping babies make me sleepy. Also, look at my temples: GREY HAIRS. It begins.
Tesla has adorable froggy legs. She likes to sleep on your chest with her arms stretched out and encompassing you. If you move too much she will tighten her grip on you. She smells like a fresh new baby. We can't wait for you to meet her.


  1. A pink family to go with a pink baby.

  2. I love it! you are all adorable... I love the all-encompassing sleep posture Tesla has! like she needs you all to herself. enjoy, enjoy enjoy... i'm glad it seems everything is going well... (and the preview of where our growing lil' family is headed in mere months is sort of reassuring in a way!)