Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tesla Ogden Broomfield

Tesla Ogden Broomfield
July 11, 2012
9:36pm EDT
Mid-Coast Hospital
123 Medical Center Drive
Brunswick, ME 04011

8lbs 12.7oz
20.5" tall

Sorry for the delay in the information! The hospital's wi-fi service is terrible, so I'm out at Starbucks for this quick update. Meanwhile, our camera is just terrible, so a lot of the pictures we got were blurry, too dark, or washed out. But here's a quick set of photos until we can ge the better ones off Deirdre's camera.

Before it got really hectic, this was Bridget's belly
Tesla Ogden Broomfield
Our precocious baby feeding almost immediately after entering the world
Okay, a quick timeline!
Tuesday July 10
  • 9pm — Bridget begins to feel frequent bouts of what feel like menstrual cramps. We eat some chicken and corn.
  • 11pm — Bridget heads to bed, thinking she'd better rest while she can.
 Wednesday July 11
  • 1:30am — Bridget moves to the couch, not wanting her inability to fall asleep to keep Jeremy awake (very considerate!)
  • 3am — Bridget starts sleeping intermittently
  • 7am — "I guess this is probably labor, huh?"
  • 8am — Bridget takes a bath.
  • 11am — Previously scheduled ultrasound at the hospital. Everything pretty okay.
  • 12pm — Upstairs to Midwifery Suite. Natalie Rockwell looks at the results, agrees that all is pretty okay, and examines Bridget for progress. HOLY CRAP she's dilated 6cm and the cervix is "paper-thin"! Let's admit you right now to the Maternity Ward! We call Bridget's sister Deirdre (Brunswick resident, M.D. with baby-delivering experience, and all-around awesome human being to have in the room!) and tell her to head over.
  • 1pm — As Bridget is admitted, Jeremy rushes back to house to feed Sonmi-451 and cancel her appointment with the veterinarian (lucky dog); grabs all the stuff we'll need at the hospital.
  • 2pm-7pm — Bridget's contractions get stronger and more frequent, she breathes through it all. She starts to feel her first urge to push. 
  • 8:00pm — We head to the birthing tub. Lots of amazing support from an amazing staff headed by midwife Angela Ripley. Lots of pushing and breathing.
  • 9:36pm — Baby arrives! Then other stuff happened, none of it worth putting into this quick timeline. Pam and Mike Benning arrive after heroically driving up from NYC to watch the house and the dog while we're in the hospital. Lots of calls made to family. Eventually, sleep.
 Okay that's it for now! I love you all!


  1. Congratulations Jeremy and Bridget! Tesla is obviously an extremely excellent little person. Welcome, kid.

  2. congrats! i'm excited to hear many more updates of all sorts, whenever you have the time; no pressure, as i know you'll be very busy.

    a description of the first meeting of the doggert and the baby would be especially welcomed; sonmi now has another person to protect!

    much love.

  3. When you google "Tesla", you get the innovative Roadster, the amazing inventor/engineer, and the awesome '80's hair band from Sacramento California. Tesla Broomfield will fit right in with this group of luminaries, as she will no doubt be googlable in the very near future. I associate Tesla with great childhood memories- my best friend lived on Tesla Road in an old farmhouse in the middle of a vineyard. And of course, there's OMD's seminal tune "Tesla Girls". "Tesla girls Tesla girls, I'm in love with Tesla girls..."

  4. Great name; Congratulations Broomfield family. We look forward to more pictures and we send immeasurable love.

  5. Wow! Tesla?!?!?!? That's the perfect name! She's SO adorable!!! Congrats yet again.

  6. Wow! Oh wow! Congratulations, you new parents, you. And a big hello to the newest, littlest Broomfield. I can't wait to meet her.

    So much love to you all.


  7. So excited for you and for lovely Tesla who has been welcomed in such a beautiful manner. I anticipate following both her and both of you. I send much love

  8. CONGRATULATUONS! tesla is such a great name and you all look great. I'm taking a counselor run from camp in town and checked in to see the baby update. Gabe and I are in a gaming store in NW mass looking at magic cards for the campers. Love you both so much. Yay for a new Brookfield!